Not feeling very well..

I’m sorry, but I’m not feeling well these few months :[

Long Hiatus ( Not Really )

I’m facing my final exam in 4 weeks. So I’m not going online for 4 weeks.Wish me luck :3

Eid is Here!

I’m actually going to be less busy, Because Eid is coming xD

Happy Eid to my Muslim friends :3

Okie dokie!

I’m so so so so so so so so so sorry!

I can’t use the computer unless I study. And it’s always at night so I don’t have a LOT of time, but please, accept this :3

Also it’s my birthday I’m excited

Also I don’t have any idea who’s the “stealer”

Can you guys help?


Cowgirl Rarity: Some Saturday nights we gather around and play some video games. It normally ends in screaming though.


I’m working on the updates :3


Sorry for lack of updates. School has started :3

I forgot to tell you, when the princess has lose their brain, they have straight hair. I made a mistake on Tia :3

God dangit.

I lost :3

I lost :3

I did something :3

Hints :

2 - Kawaii Dash

4 - Sapphire Eye Rarity

8 - The Goth Mod

16 - Not Safe For Any Woona

32 - Batty Shy

64 - Robot Shimmer

128 - Demotivated Pinkie Pie

256 - Filly Rarity

512 - Little Eris

1024 - Game Tia

2048 - ? (Figured it out yourself :3)